Validating zip code

Posted by / 29-Jul-2017 10:41

Validating zip code

Zip Codes can be validated and checked against an external zip code database file uploaded to a project using the File Manager.

By validating the zip codes from the external file, you can be sure that respondents are providing valid zip codes in their response, rather than just a random 5-digit string.

In this case the input city and state can be checked against returned city and state data from CDXZip Stream.

In row 2 below, the input zip code 08043 exists but is invalid, since the input city and state (Cherry Hill, NJ) does not match the city and state returned by CDXZip Stream (Voorhees, NJ).

Row 3 shows the correct zip code, with matching city and state combinations.

For large address lists, we recommend that you use a logical formula to detect when there are discrepancies in the data.

You will need to review your zip code database file before proceeding.

The result will be the tab-delimited To upload the design file while in the survey builder, open the "Actions" menu and select "Upload System Files." In the file manager, click on the "Add Files" button to select the file, or simply drag and drop the file into the space below the button. Once the file has been selected it will appear in the file manager.If city and state both match, the cell will be empty.This formula can then be copied to a longer list of data: Using a logical formula in column G, four discrepancies in city or state data were identified.This method can also be used to check zip code discrepancies as well.For the case above (in Row 2): =IF (LEFT(C2,5) LEFT(D2,5), 1,"") This will alert you when a zip code does not exist or when a leading zero has been dropped from the input zip code.

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