Ssex dating sm

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Ssex dating sm

Correct answers earn you more Hunie points, which you can spend on leveling up your skills for dates. The dates are done via make-a-match puzzles, comprised of pieces called Tokens.Match three or more alike tokens and you earn Affection.Some characters will come off as obnoxious or annoying to some, but this is going to be more from personal preference in character types, rather than any failing on the voice work itself.As for the ladies themselves, the game has tried to apply as many archetype and stereotypes it could while making each one stand out from the others.Yes, your boobs are lovely, but Momma needs a combo!

So there is some strategy involved in trying to make the most of your moves.As such, you have women spanning across ages and races (in some cases, species).Of the original eight girls, you have the following stereotypes: There are also four secret characters to unlock.There are four main types of tokens, which correspond to a woman’s desired traits—Talent, Flirtation, Romance and Sexuality.Each partner has a most desired trait and a least desired trait.

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Most should know by now that I’m a sucker for anime games and dating sims, so when I first saw jacksepticeye playing Hunie Pop on Youtube, I was immediately intrigued. Hunie Pop is an indie game developed by the aptly-named developer, Hunie Pot.

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