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Sportdating com

The Blue Bird is here to help you find that special someone amongst Cambridge’s sporting scene. It’s cold and dark, and for some of you the only solution is finding yourself a new squeeze to snuggle nights away with and importantly to add to the list of people who will buy you a present this holiday season.Have a read and maybe you’ll know which team to look for on the Cindie’s dance floor this Wednesday.On the up side: cardio, stamina and wrist strength.

On top of being a super hard team to get in to netball is full of the types of that are either smashing a first, have a job lined up when they leave or are having much more fun than you, and normally a combination of them all.They can probably get you John’s tickets though, so it might be worth it. Don’t want to have to leave Surrey for your booty call? This is a sport that train hard and often, something we’re reminded of every time we see a stick in lectures, so if you want a fit and competitive date the lacrosse team is a good place to look.Lacrosse is scary and intense, anyone who runs around with all those sticks and balls flying in their faces deserves some respect.It is always so tempting to be rude about Ultimate Frisbee, but we tend to mock what we cannot understand.Ultimate Frisbee is unofficiated meaning that the people on the pitch just have to be honest and remember that it is just a game.

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If you’re into football, dating a footballer is great, snuggles and match of the day, getting excited about transfer news together, endlessly debating whether Arsenal or Everton are the most boring club to support, playing one bounce together dropping the ball only because you’re too busy looking lovingly in to each other’s eyes. You’re going to be stuck down the pub wondering how you’re dating someone with such dull chat, whilst simultaneously thanking your lucky stars that you’re not with their mate who calls everyone a legend, talks over you all night with football updates from twitter and substitutes actually having a personality with endless, irrelevant football knowledge.

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