Spiritually aware dating

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Spiritually aware dating

Mercree suggests working though our issues on our own through self love and supporting personal needs ourselves to avoid reenacting childhood issues in our adult relationships.In this section the reader is given three steps in a meditative process to reveal any areas that may have experienced "lack" during childhood.If you are familiar with my Web site you may have already read my article about energy vampires.

And, although the focus of this book is for females, guys can certainly gain dating tips from reading it as well. In chapter 8 the reader is taught about "energy exchanges." The healthfulness of exchanging energies with others, and the energy exchanges that are inappropriate or even detrimental to your well being.A ten question quiz is laid out for you to get a better grasp on how to listen to intuitive warning signals.When the "unconscious" part of you chooses your dates you are given the opportunity to work on unresolved issues though the relationship.Recently someone with inauthentic motivations attempted to use such hip new age speak on me thinking I did not have the ability to read his energy.Awesome notions if they embody a genuine, heart-felt, soulful connection we have longed for.

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Not so much if the one talking lacks center, confidence, connection and self-awareness. Tune in to your intuition, energy and gut when the Spiritual Speak commences.