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Singletondating com

this one day I made a ring of snow angels, one after another, rolling out of each perfect precipitation-based impression and into the next one with all the abandonment of my childhood self, oblivious to who was watching.

this one day I woke up snuggled in a pile of giant stuffed animals, cradled in the loving warmth of my dear friends’ home, filled with gratitude for the whimsy so casually woven into the fabric of my day-to-day life. then got up the next morning, and danced some more. until the only thing keeping me going were the smiles lighting up the faces of the pedestrians passing by me on that famous Toronto street corner.

My mother-in-law was over for a family party this weekend.

She gave me an article from the called “Turning 10 and Dreading Growing Up.” She wanted to know if I’d seen it. But she saved it for me because she thought I could relate.

And for bonus reflection points, a birthday musings post as well. Holding space for the ones who have lost their way.

This year I sailed through the first part of the year without feeling any need to post about my 2017 intention, and my 37th birthday is this Saturday and I have few, if any, thoughts or feelings I feel compelled to share here about its significance to me. Finding balance and wholeness in the daily act of just being.

bonestvboneseditsbooth x brennanseeley boothtemperance brennaneditsbones: minegifs: minebones: 1x14bones: season onei've always loved this scenethey are still getting to know each otherand sometimes they lowkey annoy each other (see booth in the first gif)but when things get serious they would already do everything for each otherthese two really !!

this one day I held pride and shame up next to each other, and found loving kindness waiting for me at the intersection, as I co-created the most poorly managed (from a time perspective) and yet emotionally magical closing I have ever facilitated.

this one day I came home to newspaper love notes on my doorstep.

Clothes with sparkles, graphics, or bling of any kind are now in the giveaway pile. The emoji pillows we so painstakingly collected are now dust collectors.

We’ve transitioned from Justice to Old Navy leisure wear.

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I tried to make it special―after all, it is a milestone. Never again in her lifetime will her age be a single number. It may seem like she’s far from that because we’ve still got three years to go.

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