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Posted by / 12-Dec-2017 05:09

Quicken not updating latest transactions

I was able to click on the Link menu and choose my existing Discover Card account from the account menu. Now I have two Discover Card accounts, so I just deleted the newly created one since the old one now looks like it is going to use Quicken Connect from now on. Jean just curious why do you use Discover Card Account Center as opposed to Discover card? I made sure of that because the existing posts I had read emphasized that you should no longer use Discover Card Account Center. I have been fighting with both Quicken and Discover Bank for months over this - I have not been able to download transactions to either my checking or savings account for months now, and I've spent a LOT of hours on the phone with both trying to figure this out.

I see it there in your screenshot but Im thinking you might be able to enter your info using the other card option Also if you can use direct connect your are better off . I was literally on my way out the door to go open Chase accounts, when I finally stumbled on this thread and solved the problem this afternoon.

Visit the Quicken support page for information how to update Quicken Mac 2015 without using the App Store.

The only reason I'm still using it is the 10 years worth of data that I'm not willing to try to import into something else. If I choose Settings for the discover card account I can't do anything.

First, check the version and the release number of the Quicken software you're using.

You will receive a message confirming that you're already running the latest version.

You do need an internet connection to download updates.

Quicken updates are free, and Quicken may tell you an update is available when it starts up.

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Sometimes if the credit card company makes changes to their website it can impact downloads using Quicken Connect. Here's what I did that fixed the problem - QUICKEN for Mac 2017Clicked the " " to add a new account Starting typing "Discover", and selected DISCOVER BANK when it came up.