Paralyzed dating service

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It was a nice change for her: In two years of online dating, she's had little success."I've struggled with whether to mention to people that I'm a wheelchair user in my profile," says Luticha, who works as a scientist.

"At first, I didn't, and that didn't go over well with people once they found out.

Not only was Kuen newly single for the first time in a decade, she was a bit wary about how she might be received online as a c6/7 quadriplegic.

But it was important to her to disclose her disability in her public profile.

Kuen's advice for daters living with disabilities is simple, but profound: "Don't sell yourself short.

It was a completely new world for her, as she had married her first serious boyfriend and was now separated.

"My thinking is, sure, you may have less responses, but the ones you do have will usually be from people who are more open-minded."Kuen, a 35-year-old comic book creator who lives in Edmonton, Canada, began with the free dating site Plenty of Fish, but found most people to be more interested in "the pretense of dating" than actually getting to know her as a person: in short, sex, and sometimes, devoteeism. At first Kuen says that she first approached online dating by being open-minded and overly optimistic: "I believed that I should give people who are interested in me a chance, even if I wasn't really interested in them," but has since realized the error of her ways.

However, through a very selective process and luck, she has met a "few good guys." She now uses e Harmony instead, but has yet to make a romantic match. Once she became more self-confident and selective, she started to meet great people.

And then I did, and I received messages from creepers with fetishes for people in wheelchairs.

Really, my experience with online dating has run the gamut from very bad, to very good."Luticha recognizes the real stigma that is attached to being disabled on many of the more mainstream dating sites.

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Dan Gottlieb, a therapist living with spinal cord injury. Gottlieb is the author of the upcoming book The Wisdom We're Born With: Restoring Faith in Ourselves."I recommend approaching online dating openly," he explains.