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Since it was lunch time and I hadn’t eaten dinner the previous day or anything that day, Marguerite pushed in 400 ml of Nutrini max (8 full syringes) while still in the car because I was supposed to work thereafter. I’m usually a sort of a hyperactive person and this must have been the first time in years that I’ve been really calm in front of our team since I was just kind of tired after the food which is filling to say the least.

Mila first won everyone’s hearts last October when she posed in a series on Halloween pictures along with her twin sister, Emma.At about the 15th sneeze and because I was sneezing so heavily, a part of the tube came up into my mouth and into my upper throat. I felt like something was blocking my ability to breath, choking me.In shock and out of reflex, I pulled the tube out since I thought I couldn’t breathe anymore.With my parents being doctors and our family being one of many scientists (myself not included), I decided that this called for an experiment.I asked my parents to get some nasogastric feeding tubes and the special nutrition that is used when tube-feeding.

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