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Taking a look at examples of dance step diagrams show some of the ways people have tried to record dance moves over the centuries.

Most printable dance steps won t be that complex - usually simply foot diagrams, or lists of commonly known steps combined with the counts in the music when they are executed.

“I’m in a Broadway show and there’s only so much walking protests one can do.

But the tattoos are slurs: Words like “Go Home”, “Queer” and “Bent”. “We were all really upset about the election because it felt like our world might crumble under itself.” Said Gray.Cumming’s photo places him in a position of vulnerability not only as a gay man, but as an immigrant.“Alan Cumming is known as a gay icon.” Says Wagner.Dating back to 1894, The Blackpool Tower Ballroom is world famous for its unique sprung dance floor and spectacular architecture and remains to this day a destination for dance fans from across the globe.Approaching in the bright orange jacket I'd "borrowed" from a costume shop, I sported a hippy-fringe purse.

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“We used him as a conduit, to say these are the words that are being used against the Gay community. But we cropped the photos to make it seem a little more controversial.

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