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Is michelle mccool dating the undertaker

On 20 October, Layla participated in a dance contest with the other Smack Down!

Divas, and was chosen as the winner by the judges, Nick and Aaron Carter.

She is also the first Diva Search winner to have won the championship, and the final recognized WWE Women's Champion as the title was retired in 2010.

Over the next few months, Layla competed only sporadically in matches, spending most of her time managing Regal, and was present at ringside when Regal defeated Santino Marella on 10 November to win the WWE Intercontinental Championship.

In January 2010, at Royal Rumble, Layla came out in a fatsuit, mocking James prior to the title match between Mc Cool and James; however, the mockery backfired, as James attacked Layla and used that as a distraction to quickly defeat Mc Cool to win the title.

The following night on Raw, she successfully defended the championship against both Nikki and Brie in a triple threat match, and retained twice against Beth Phoenix at the Over the Limit and No Way Out pay-per-views in May and June respectively.

At Night of Champions, Kaitlyn was removed from the championship match following a storyline injury and replaced with Eve Torres.

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