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Our courses are real—just like the certified teachers who teach them.Public, private, and homeschool students from Kindergarten through 12th grade use our courses to succeed on their own time and schedules.Since 1909, global temperature has warmed, with the most recent years showing the highest anomalies of 0.6 o C in the past 120 years.A NASA’s GISS animation also shows how most parts of the world have experienced this warming, recently: At this time, the coverage provided by weather stations allowed for essentially global temperature data.They use the difference between the annual mean and the baseline mean to determine the global temperature anomaly for the year.In the 1880 - 1935 period, the temperature anomaly was consistently negative.Because of this, atmospheric carbon dioxide concentrations are higher today than they have been over the last half-million years or longer.

This then has an impact on various local social, political and economic issues.Alternative technologies have been called for repeatedly, seemingly upon deaf ears (or, cynically, upon those who don’t want to make substantial changes as it challenges their bottom line and takes away from their current profits).In the past, some companies and industries have pushed back on environmental programs in order to increase profits or to survive in a tough business world.Past warming does not automatically mean that today’s warming is therefore also natural.Recent warming has been shown to be due to human industrialization processes.

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Also, by clearing forests to support agriculture, we are transferring carbon from living biomass into the atmosphere (dry wood is about 50 percent carbon).