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Getrealdating com

Her blog posts include “Dating: Warning Signs That You’re Dating a Major Psycho.” Social Clout: 2,480 followers, 199 likes URL: Bragging Rights: Relevant Sharon and Mariann (aka Sha and Mares) are the founders of Life Bytes Real, an online dating site offering relevant content and articles about how different couples met online.The duo has found success advising “men, women, young, old, bi, gay or straight” in clever rundowns of dates and situations.Social Clout: 4,104 followers, URL: Bragging Rights: Variety As CEO of au, “Australia’s largest free dating site for sexy singles,” Jodie Brittain offers something for everyone with breakup advice for men, women and geeks.

Get Real takes things further by limiting pre-meeting in-app interactions to just a visual assessment of a basic profile (photo, plus a short who/why status paragraph).

The pendulum swings of technology trends have been well chronicled over the years. The app is just an interface for agreeing or declining prospective dates.

Such swings suggest the huge popularity of real-time messaging apps should spark an opposite digital movement that — paradoxically — seeks to encourage more face-to-face human interactions with the help of apps. Well, here’s another example: called Get Real, this just-launched i OS app wants users to spend more time in each others’ company, and less with messaging apps.

The site includes sections for those who are “frustrated,” “busy” and simply looking for “philosophy.” Social Clout: New e-book URL: Bragging Rights: Something for everyone As founder of e Flirt Expert and author of “Love @ First Click,” Laurie Davis is a fresh-faced online dating consultant who offers one-on-one services on everything from Facebook flirting to decoding your date’s text messages.

Founded in 2009, e Flirt Expert hawks services to meet everyone’s budget.

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dating app rendeevoo, which aims to ‘fix’ the tedium of Tinder by excising the ability to IM a match before meeting up.

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