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Much of the pickup advice from the West should stay in the West – it simply does not apply.Other things, especially mindset related – such as abundance, momentum, self-improvement, taking action, reframing, etc, are still applicable.As a major metropolis where there is (despite what you may have heard) no shortage of available, successful, sexually aggressive Japanese men, the most attractive women – the cream of the crop – are overflowing with suitable dating matches.

I stumbled upon a lot of old forum posts which contained a bunch of unnecessary, outdated, and/or badly organized information.

Save your overt kino escalation for when you are isolated with the girl.

While Japanese women are no strangers to sexuality, most people speak far less about sex to strangers in Japan.

Upon arrival in Japan, you may find it more difficult to create meaningful friend groups, meet large quantities of people (cute women included), and be baffled by the different dating “scripts” which often leave guys left in the cold after only one date.

Forget what you’ve heard about Japan’s prudishness and the “sexless society” – in the massive metropolis of Tokyo, life moves fast and both men and women whip through dating prospects at a dizzying rate.

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