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Take a look at the technology crammed into this scooter.

That’s something you don’t get with those “off-brand” scooters.

Yet, they still fired up the first time and ran well enough to where you wouldn’t believe they were 40 years old and had countless miles on the clock.

Want to know why Honda scooters are worth the extra money when compared to some of the cheap throw-away AKA paperweight scooters you can find at your local flea market etc?

That may not sound like an increase worth noting but that’s only when you’re talking about larger engines with more weight to pull around etc.

When you’re working with a bike this small and horsepower in this range, small increases can be quite more noticeable.

Honestly, it’ll surprise you with just how peppy this 150 cc class engine is.

Honda’s multitude of engineers went to work, working their voodoo magic, so it is lighter, “cleaner” and less friction in operation.

What does less friction inside that little engine mean for you? As if Honda didn’t already build the most reliable scooter engines the world has ever seen though, right?

With a light curb weight of 295 pounds, a nimble 51.8-inch wheelbase and a low 29.9-inch seat height, the PCX150 serves as an easygoing ride that adds a big element of fun to the day’s travels.

While Honda was hard at work on the last PCX face-left, they also bumped up the fuel-tank size on the PCX150 taking it from 1.56 gallons up to 2.1 gallons and when you’re getting 100 MPG that extra .54 gallons of fuel can extend your next gas-station visit out another 50’ish miles.

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Every little bit you can help in the power-to-weight figures, the better!