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You can be added to our waiting list at at the link below or you can register at another Northeast Ohio Night to Shine Prom

You will be contacted if you are on our waiting list and openings become available.

After nightfall, see the water's magical glow against the starry-skyline.

AM: Travel southwest to Boqueron in the morning, check into the hotel, and prepare for a beach volleyball match against a friendly local team.

PM: Spend the afternoon on the sand with your first volleyball game on the beach.

After the game, relax and enjoy the west coast of Puerto Rico.

Questions can be directed to Denise Petek using [email protected]

work with churches around the country to provide an incredible prom night experience, centered on God’s love, for people with special needs, ages 14 and older.

If you are a sub-prime borrower, the Credit One cards are a perfectly legitimate way to get back into the game.

They have higher fees and tend to nickel and dime you, but they do report your activity to the credit bureaus, so over time you can raise your credit score and apply for better cards.

Time will tell if this talented director wishes to reinvigorate and reinvent the horror genre further than this.

Puerto Rico is the center of volleyball in the Caribbean.

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This Crystal Bagua also makes a great (and unique) gift!