Enrich data by updating existing records

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You can enter only currency values in this type of field.Also, you do not have to manually enter a currency symbol.

In some cases, you can use conversion functions to perform calculations on the data in a Text field.

You can enter any data in this type of field, and Access wraps it in a Web address.

For example, if you type a value in the field, Access surrounds your text with Uniform Resource Locator (URL) text, like so:

View data types by using commands on the Datasheet tab The data type set for each table field provides the first level of control over what you can and cannot enter into a field.

In some cases, a data type setting prevents you from entering any information at all.

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When you design a database table, you select a data type for each of the fields in that table, a process that helps ensure more accurate data entry.