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However, the criminal code, laws on prostitution, and laws combating trafficking in persons contain provisions to combat sex tourism.

While it is widely believed there are fewer incidences of Thai citizens forced into prostitution today than in past years, children from poor families remain vulnerable, and there are some incidences of Thai parents who force their children into prostitution.

Mothers should also have less sex when they reach 1 month before their delivery date, as during this time, the mother’s physical condition is unsuited to sex.

Her baby bump will be at its largest and most strenuous, so she will have difficulty moving and will tire easily.

These migrants are forced, coerced, or defrauded into labour or commercial sexual exploitation.

A: Having sex during pregnancy should be a gentle affair, not too rough or too acrobatic.You can have sex from the start of your pregnancy right up until close to your delivery date, if there are no complications and it is not a high-risk pregnancy.There will be certain periods during the pregnancy when mothers should have less sex, such as at the beginning of the pregnancy (months 1-3), when mothers often experience morning sickness, fatigue, dizziness or other discomfort.A: You can have sex during pregnancy, but some mothers may experience a reduced sex drive during the first 3 months due to morning sickness.After that time, however, your sex drive will return, although it may decrease again towards the end of the pregnancy.

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Unsuitable sex positions: These include the missionary position, because the male will have to put his weight on his partner’s baby bump, which can be uncomfortable and distressing, especially when nearing delivery.

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