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Fancy that vase that you saw in Da Nang that has been around for about 200 years? Well, not unless you get a permit from the Ministry of Culture.It is illegal to export antiques from Vietnam without a permit, so your best course of action is to speak to the ministry to get further advice on what you can do if you really like that vase and can already picture it in your living room back home.This amounts to a maximum of 8 hours a day, or if you don’t work everyday, a maximum of 10 hours a day without being paid overtime. on a weekday on your office desktop, there’s a high chance you’re breaking the law. This entry was made to clear any confusion about the legal drinking age in Vietnam. Speaking of work, if you have just taken up a new job, your probationary period cannot exceed 30 days of employment with a position that requires professional or vocational qualifications and 60 days of employment with a position that requires a college-level qualification or above and just six days for all other cases.

Vietnam is no exception to this, with some laws that are similar to most other countries in the world, but also a select few that may seem strange to some.It is illegal to import pornographic materials into Vietnam as pornography itself, including the production, distribution and possession, are all illegal in this country.Enforcement of this law really depends on your luck and the punishment varies between fines and detention.Access to licensed casinos is restricted to holders of foreign passports.Alternatively, you could use that money for other not-so-illegal things.

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As a tourist, your hotel/hostel usually takes care of this for you.